Acoustic booths - how to escape from noise in the office?

Noise in the office prevents you from focusing? Is it difficult to find a quiet place for a conversation that you don't want to share with anyone? Acoustic booths come to the rescue, offering a solution to both of these problems. Office booths are mini conference rooms that can accommodate one or several people. Discover why it's worth equipping your office with an acoustic booth.
Open space offices are often filled with noise
Increasingly, office interior design revolves around creating large, open spaces. One of the advantages of such office arrangements is undoubtedly easier communication between teams. Companies that have opted for open offices can also expect increased creativity and improved atmosphere in the workspace. However, a common drawback is the elevated noise level, which can hinder concentration, especially when facing demanding tasks.
Conversations in the office, keyboard sounds, and background music all contribute to the ambient noise in an open space office. Fortunately, there is a proven solution to escape from the noise in the workplace: equipping the office with an adequate number of acoustic booths. These booths are perfect for conducting phone calls, video chats, or small group meetings. Sometimes, it's also worth taking a moment to retreat to these spaces to simply catch your breath.
What is an acoustic booth?
An acoustic booth, office booth or telephone booth for the office. These names refer to the same office equipment element. An office booth is a small, enclosed space with excellent acoustic properties. It can be placed in almost any location within the office. Its stylish design makes it an interesting addition to every office layout. The features and equipment of an acoustic booth make it a highly practical space.
Office telephone booths are thoughtfully designed to provide isolation from office noise while maintaining comfort inside. This is ensured, among other things, by proper ventilation and even well-thought-out lighting.
Comfortable acoustic booths with LED lighting
The equipment of an office booth can be customized according to your preferences. First and foremost, it's worth considering the size of the acoustic booth. The simplest telephone booths can comfortably be used by one person. They feature a comfortable seat and a spacious work surface, for example, for a computer or taking notes. Attention to detail can be demonstrated by LED lighting, ensuring a beneficial appearance during video conferences. Users can also have full control over the lighting and ventilation levels. Modern equipment also allows for remote reservation of the acoustic booth and integration with an online calendar.
Larger acoustic booths are suitable for meetings with two to four people. Often, the best solution is to include acoustic booths with different purposes in the office design.
An office booth that provides better privacy
One of the purposes of an acoustic booth is to provide a means of isolating oneself from the hustle and bustle of the office. Equally important is creating a space that gives you a sense of privacy. The interior of an acoustic booth offers excellent sound insulation in both ways. This means that not only do we not hear what's happening in the office. Our conversations won't be heard by coworkers either. This solution is perfect when you're looking for a private space to have a confidential talk. Important information won't reach unauthorized individuals, and even a lively phone conversation won't disturb the office's work.
As you can see, office booths have numerous advantages. For this reason, we often encourage our clients to equip their offices with this solution. By doing so, you won't need to plan separate rooms and offices. This is often beneficial not only for maximizing collaboration space but also for optimizing the budget allocated to adapt the office to the company's needs. We invite you to contact Tengo's designers. They will present you with acoustic booths in various sizes and colors.