Cascando aims to bring out the best in itself and others – that's Tengo’s new Partner!

Cascando's motto is to bring out the best in itself and others. Our new partner specializes in innovative furniture systems, as well as partitions and solutions that enhance privacy. Cascando's products are designed to improve work quality and facilitate optimal office space arrangements.
Cascando - a New Partner for Tengo
Cascando enables "good, people-focused designs that cater to diverse needs," in the words of Gerald Brandstatter, one of the designers whose products have been brought to life by Cascando. We wholeheartedly agree with his sentiment! Cascando is a manufacturer of high-quality furniture for both home and office settings, along with accessories and additions. Some of the products that the Dutch brand takes pride in include:
● space dividers;
● acoustic panels;
● desk screens;
● seating furniture - chairs, sofas, benches, couches;
● Designer tables and coffee tables;
● clothing racks;
● mobile wardrobes;
● storage furniture;
● furniture for screen and TV mounting;
● whiteboards;
● plant stands;
● umbrella stands;
● trash cans, paper bins;
● and more useful items.
In each of the above categories, you'll find several products. You can greatly influence their appearance and color, thanks to extensive customization possibilities.
All Cascando products are characterized by practicality. These seemingly ordinary pieces of furniture not only boast unique aesthetics but also come equipped with numerous well-thought-out solutions and accessories. It's worth considering furnishing your space with some Cascando furniture and accessories. When combined, they look fantastic, as the brand offers several stylistic lines that guide the design of its products. Many of them are upholstered furniture with excellent acoustic properties or even features like the ability to pin notes. We are delighted to announce that these wonderful furniture and acoustic elements from Cascando are now part of Tengo's offering.
Cascando Furniture - Together or Separate
The design and construction of Cascando furniture allow for the placement of multiple pieces in a single space. The modular structure enables various combinations, allowing you to perfectly tailor the interior to your needs and preferences. Furniture and accessories from the same Cascando line complement each other best. You have a wide range to choose from, whether you opt for polished aluminum products, upholstered pieces (available in various colors and materials), or a mix of items with a similar design.
Every Cascando product can also stand alone. Successful design goes hand in hand with practicality and durability. Therefore, we often utilize Cascando office furniture in commercial interior design projects. A Cascando product can add character to any space. Thus, among the many practical pieces, it's sometimes worthwhile to incorporate a few equally functional yet designer additions from the Cascando line.
Why Use Cascando Space Dividers in Your Space?
There are several reasons why equipping your space with Cascando space dividers is a great idea. Firstly, it allows you to partition a larger area into multiple sections, thereby providing your employees with much more privacy, which positively impacts work comfort. Most of Cascando's space-dividing panels are mobile, equipped with wheels, so you can create partitions on the fly. When the need arises, you can easily reconfigure an open-plan office or a larger room.
Another advantage is the noticeable improvement in acoustics. This benefit is particularly valuable in busy offices where many people work. Properly placed space dividers, in combination with Cascando's acoustic panels, can effectively and quickly reduce unwanted noise. Many dividers also come with additional handles and storage space. Each one is excellently crafted and, thanks to its good design, becomes a decorative element in any office.