Cascando Whiteboards - More Than Just a Space for Notes

Can you imagine a modern office without a whiteboard? This product is an important tool for many people. We use it to write down our ideas or attach useful notes. The content on a whiteboard is valuable during team meetings or client presentations. However, it doesn't have to be a mundane interior element. Cascando whiteboards prove that point - they are stylish, portable, functional, and that's not all of their advantages! Now, Cascando products can become a part of Tengo's projects. Let's learn more about them.
Cascando Whiteboards - More Than Just a Space for Writing
Typically found in offices, whiteboards are expected to be practical and at an affordable price . Cascando approached the design of this incredibly useful item quite differently. In office space arrangement, Cascando whiteboards become genuine decorations. However, they don't compromise their functionality - they offer ample writing space and a place for attaching notes, images, and photographs. The Dutch manufacturer also pays attention to details, such as providing a spot to store erasers and markers.
It's worth mentioning that these well-crafted Cascando whiteboards can also serve as space dividers in the office. They can provide a bit more privacy, and their acoustic properties are noteworthy as well. Placing this item in a larger room (e.g., a conference hall or an open office space) can reduce echo and minimize unwanted noise. Cascando whiteboards achieve their acoustic qualities, in part, by using upholstered backs and sides. Needless to say, such a whiteboard also looks simply beautiful!
Mobile Dry-Erase Boards by Cascando
In many offices, a whiteboard is permanently fixed to the wall. It's the cheapest solution, but it doesn't look particularly appealing and has certain limitations. Cascando dry-erase boards come with wheels, and their mobility is a significant advantage. You can effortlessly move this useful item to nearly any location where it's needed. There's no need to order whiteboards for every conference room or office.
The option of easily moving Cascando whiteboards also ensures that the content on them is always clearly visible. By placing the board in the right spot, you can avoid issues like unfavorable light reflections or the need to look at the board from an awkward angle. Regardless of the angle of sunlight, you can maintain usability and comfort without having to block windows.
Many Configuration Options for Cascando Whiteboards
The undeniable advantages of Cascando dry-erase boards include their excellent appearance, high-quality craftsmanship, practicality, and acoustic properties. However, it's worth emphasizing that you can significantly customize them to meet your needs and expectations. When ordering a Cascando whiteboard on wheels, you can not only choose from several models.
Customers also have the option to adjust the size (height and width) of the whiteboard. This allows for a smooth transition from a compact board to a much larger one with ample space for writing content. You can have a magnetic whiteboard on one or both sides of the product. You can also completely omit it, resulting in an aesthetic room divider. Configuration possibilities depend on the selected model. With the Cascando Pillow Space Whiteboard, you have ample options for utilizing the sides of the board. You can place shelves, brochure holders, a closed cabinet, or even a clothes hanger there.
Of course, aside from practical considerations, you also have an impact on the design of the boards. You can choose from various upholstery materials, each available in several or even dozens of colors. The customization possibilities for Cascando whiteboards are almost limitless!
Not Just a Whiteboard, but Also a Stand for Screens or TVs
This option further enhances the practicality of Cascando whiteboards. You can mount a stand for hanging a TV or screen on the back of the whiteboard. This allows you to use the whiteboard for writing or initiate multimedia presentations (such as videos or graphics) by simply rotating it. Such a multimedia whiteboard is perfect for conference rooms or offices.
In interior design projects for homes, we often make use of the capabilities provided by modern and practical Cascando Whiteboards. They come in handy, especially when creating a comfortable home office. They also serve as a stylish way to divide spaces aesthetically.
Cascando office furniture complements each other perfectly
Each Cascando product is a small work of art. Just one piece can add a lot of character to your office interior while providing practicality. However, it's worth knowing that the Dutch brand has consistently designed product series that look cohesive. Having more Cascando products together can create a perfect look! In addition to stylish whiteboards, you can consider acoustic panels, clothing racks, tables, or seating furniture as complements from Cascando.
Do you want to get to know Cascando office furniture and accessories better? Contact us! We will propose how to use these unique items in your office decor project or other commercial interior. Cascando furniture can also be used in homes and houses - wherever successful design goes hand in hand with practicality.