Designing and equipping office interiors and sustainable development. What goals does TENGO and our partners set for themselves?

Furnishing commercial and residential interiors requires the use of environmental resources. In order to care for the world around us, we strive to limit the negative impact of our activities on the environment. Therefore, at TENGO and with our partners, we set sustainable development as one of the most important long-term goals.
Why is sustainable development important to us?
Ecological actions and environmental care are currently very popular topics of conversation in many industries. However, at TENGO we don't just talk. Sustainable development is very important to us. We want to ensure a good quality of life for future generations. We are convinced that minimizing our impact on the natural environment will bring us many benefits not only in the future, but also today.
The design of residential and office spaces itself is not a significant burden on the environment. However, we have a significant impact on which suppliers we choose to cooperate with. Often, our clients also pay a lot of attention to sustainable development. The issue of ecology is as important to them as an attractive interior design or its functionality. Therefore, we are happy to often collaborate with entrepreneurs who think like us.
What actions do we take?
Maintaining sustainable development in our industry is not easy, but it is very important to us. We try to minimize our impact on the environment. In our projects. We often use office furniture and equipment made from environmentally friendly materials. These are often ecological materials that come from recycling. We also strive to optimize energy consumption and reduce waste in our daily work. We try to support local communities by promoting an environmentally friendly attitude.
We also demand the same from our partners - furniture manufacturers and transportation companies. We work with companies for whom sustainable development is as important as it is to us. Together, we take care of the environment.
How do our partners promote sustainable development in the furniture industry?
One of the best examples of a company that promotes sustainable development in our industry is Framery. This Finnish manufacturer of acoustic booths for offices has published a report on the impact of their activities on the environment. Taking into account the impact on the environment, economy, and local communities, the balance is positive! In addition, the products of this company also have a positive impact on our society. Users of office acoustic booths confirm that they are comfortable and ergonomic workspaces.
Let’s check our next business partner. Today Narbutas is a leading producer of office furniture and another business partner who shares our opinion on environmental protection. Narbutas focuses on creating a closed-loop system for materials. It also pays great attention to reducing emissions and energy consumption to care for its employees and the local community. Its concern for the natural environment is evident in its production methods, appropriate selection of materials, and even in the daily life of its office and production facility.
TENGO's goals for sustainable development
Interior design is our passion - we want to do it in harmony with nature. One of the best ways to approach sustainable development is through a closed-loop economy. This means using secondary materials and providing repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for existing furniture and equipment. We are confident that providing only the highest quality products also has a positive impact on the environment. They are durable, functional, and have timeless style, serving their users for a really long time.
We are not a manufacturer of the products we sell. However, we have a significant influence on who we work with. We choose those companies that are heading in the same direction as we are. Our pursuit of sustainable development allows us to look confidently towards the future.