Is it worth buying a desk with electric adjustment?

Wondering if buying an electrically adjustable desk is a good idea? Does the higher cost bring tangible benefits? Today, we will try to answer these questions. We will also take a closer look at how an electrically adjustable desk works and when it's worth choosing such a product. In the process, we will discover why height-adjustable desks have become so popular in recent years.
Ergonomic workstation
Everyone agrees that an ergonomic workspace is beneficial not only for the health of employees but also for their comfort while working. Both of these factors directly translate into employee satisfaction, productivity, and the ability to think creatively. So, it cannot be said that comfortable office chairs or customized workstations tailored to individual needs only affect the comfort of being in the office. Employers also reap tangible benefits from equipping workspaces with comfortable, high-quality office furniture.
These assumptions are confirmed by the recommendations of doctors and physiotherapists. According to them, an ergonomic workstation is crucial, especially during office work. Prolonged sitting is detrimental to an employee's spine. Circulation and even vision can also be affected. But what if we could eliminate the need to sit in the same position all day at work? This is where height-adjustable desks join a game.
Height-adjustable desk
What is an adjustable desk? In the case of such office furniture, we refer to the ability to change its height. However, it's not about the tedious, time-consuming, and problematic option of adjusting the leg height within a small range. An adjustable desk allows you to raise the work surface high enough to work while standing. While in the case of typical desks, proper adjustment to an individual can be achieved with a height-adjustable chair, it won't be possible in a standing position. Therefore, a standing desk must allow for height adjustment to meet the expectations of people of different heights.
For this reason, height-adjustable desks offer smooth adjustment within a wide range. The height change can be achieved in two ways:
- Desks with manual height adjustment;
- Desks with electric height adjustment.
Both solutions have the same effect - the ability to set the work surface height at any desired level. However, electrically adjustable desks offer significantly more convenience in terms of operation.
Is it worth choosing an electric height-adjustable desk?
Absolutely! There is no better option on the market today than electric height-adjustable desks. They allow for work in comfortable conditions and a change in working position from sitting to standing. Smooth and quick adjustment within a wide range is also a significant benefit for the user's health.
The health benefits of using an electric height-adjustable desk are proven by many physiotherapists. Users who have started using adjustable desks also confirm this. Back pain subsides, and the ability to change positions has a positive impact on well-being. Thanks to the electric and rapid adjustment, even multiple height changes throughout the day won't be a problem. All of this makes electric desks an excellent choice for a wide range of users.
How does an electric height-adjustable standing desk work?
The electric desk is designed for people who need the convenience and frequent change of working positions. Manual height-adjustable desks have a crank handle, and while adjusting the height is not difficult, it requires several movements. In contrast, electric height-adjustable desks only require pressing the appropriate button. Among the technical innovations, we can now find electric desks controlled via Bluetooth.
Electric height-adjustable standing desks have an automatic mechanism. After pressing the control button, the electric motor smoothly and quietly lowers or raises the desk surface. It is truly convenient and a fast solution. For safety, desks with electric height adjustment have an anti-collision system. The motor stops working when encountering an obstacle. Apart from the electric height-adjustment mechanism, it functions like a normal desk. It is available in various colors (both for the base and the surface), and can have different width and depth options. The maximum height to which the surface can be raised is sufficient even for very tall individuals.
How to operate an electric height-adjustable desk?
Operating an electric height-adjustable desk is very simple. In basic and popular models, there is a control panel mounted on the desk. Two buttons are used to raise and lower the desk surface. Therefore, there is no need to learn how an electric desk works or provide training for its users. More advanced models may have additional features. These additional functions may include, for example, the ability to save preset positions. In that case, you don't have to press the button repeatedly until you reach the desired height—you can simply select the previously saved setting.

Flagship electric desks, on the other hand, have remote control options through a remote or a mobile application (via Bluetooth connection).
However, when using an electrically controlled desk, we must be cautious of the wiring, such as the computer's power supply and other cables. Height adjustment could potentially damage the cables. Therefore, we recommend using additional flexible cable management solutions specifically designed for height-adjustable desks.
Why should you equip your office with electric height-adjustable desks?
We already know that using an electric height-adjustable desk brings many benefits to the health and comfort of employees. By choosing this product, you can take care of the well-being and great comfort of your company's workforce.
Equipping your office with electric height-adjustable desks can also be a great way to stand out among other employers. Nowadays, it can be one way to attract talented and demanding employees.
Ultimately, such a desk is also visually impressive - it looks fantastic! It perfectly complements the interior design of the office and adds a touch of modernity to the workspace. An electric height-adjustable desk can fit into any interior design, thanks to the availability of different sizes and a wide range of colors.
Not just for the office - electric desks at home
Electric height-adjustable desks are increasingly becoming a part of office furniture. It turns out that they work excellently in homes as well. They provide a comfortable position (both sitting and standing) for work, study, and play. The advantage of using an electric desk at home is the ability to adjust the desk height to the needs of multiple household members or visiting friends within a few moments.
An electrically controlled desk is particularly beneficial for individuals working remotely at home. However, students and pupils will also experience a significant improvement in comfort when spending longer periods of time at the desk.
Linak mechanism in Narbutas electric desks
If you pay attention to every detail and seek the best solutions, we have something for you. Narbutas brand electric height-adjustable desks, of which we are a distributor, feature a high-quality mechanism. The automatic electric lift produced in Europe by Linak ensures durability and resilience even under the demanding conditions of office work. Such an electric desk is like the Mercedes among similar products!