Exciting News: Tengo's Latest Project Featured on Office Snapshot

We are thrilled to announce that Tengo's innovative office project for EPAM in Krakow has been prominently featured on Office Snapshots! This recognition highlights the outstanding work and dedication of our team in creating a multifunctional office space that caters to the diverse needs of EPAM's employees, clients, and collaborators.
Multifunctional Office Space:
A Versatile Environment for EPAM
Designing a modern office that meets the varied requirements of different teams and individuals is no small feat. The new EPAM office in Krakow is a testament to our ability to create versatile and functional commercial spaces. Spanning several floors, the office seamlessly integrates areas for EPAM employees, clients, and even coworking zones, ensuring a productive and collaborative environment.
A Hub of Activity and Innovation
EPAM, a leading global provider of digital transformation services, required an office that not only provides a comfortable workspace for its employees but also facilitates collaboration with clients. The new Krakow office achieves this through its thoughtful design and strategic layout. The office includes:
The Hub: Located on the first floor, this open space is perfect for events, workshops, and social gatherings. It features flexible seating arrangements and a cozy café/kitchen area, fostering a sense of community and interaction.

Coworking Zones: Designed to accommodate employees from other locations, these areas offer a convenient workspace for those on business trips. They can utilize conference rooms, attend meetings, and focus on their tasks with ease.

Customer Center: A dedicated zone for client meetings and collaborations. It includes workstations and conference rooms, ensuring a professional and conducive environment for discussing project details and strengthening client relationships.
High-Quality Equipment and Excellent Finishing
The EPAM office is a shining example of how different functional zones can be harmoniously combined. The business center features:
Hot Desk Workstations: Flexible seating options for dynamic work styles.

Lockable Lockers and Changing Rooms: Secure and convenient storage solutions for employees and clients.

Multifunctional Conference Room: A versatile space that can be partitioned into smaller rooms, accommodating various meeting sizes and purposes. Each room is equipped with comfortable chairs, large conference tables, and state-of-the-art multimedia screens.
Prime Location and Thoughtful Design
Located near the beautiful center of Krakow and surrounded by other office buildings and new residential areas, the EPAM headquarters occupies nearly 8,500 square meters across two buildings connected by a common terrace. This prime location adds to the appeal of the office, making it easily accessible and convenient for employees and clients alike.
Acknowledging Our Achievement
The feature on OfficeSnapshots is a significant milestone for Tengo. It recognizes our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing office spaces. We are proud of the EPAM Krakow office project and look forward to continuing our mission of creating inspiring work environments.
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