Trends In Cologne

After four long and uncertain years, the TENGO team visited the ORGATEC trade fair once again. Our visit to Cologne was an opportunity for us to explore new design trends. We also established contacts with furniture suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and providers of modern solutions for businesses and beyond.
ORGATEC - in Cologne, it brought together many professionals. Being present at the trade fair is also one of the few great opportunities to discover innovations in the field of architecture, design, and interior furnishings for offices and commercial spaces.
45,000 visitors from 130 countries had t
he opportunity to see the booths of 683 companies.
Manufacturers were tasked with presenting their products. After a four-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, the trade fair received tremendous interest!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this event. Our clients and partners will also benefit from it. They can now start using the latest solutions in office space design. In addition to novelties dedicated to offices, ideas for organizing hybrid work and solutions to improve home office ergonomics have also emerged.
ORGATEC 2022 Trends
Discussions about business responsibility for the natural environment accompanied the presentation of almost every product. The use of recycled materials is increasingly being considered in tender conditions. Manufacturers of commercial surface equipment are prepared for this.
PET acoustic
Products labeled with "PET" have appeared in the portfolios of practically every reputable manufacturer. The eco-friendly felt material made a big impression on the TENGO Group team. It was made from over 50% recycled plastic!
Phone booths
An increasing portion of business and customer interactions today take place over the phone or video chat. A perfect place for conducting such conversations is a phone booth. This acoustically excellent space allows for a comfortable participation in online meetings. Even loud conversations do not disturb coworkers in the process.
Neo Mint - color number 1 at the ORGATEC 2022 trade fair in Cologne
All designers were fascinated by interior elements in Neo Mint color. The shade is intriguing, attention-grabbing, and not tiring even during extended periods spent in a room. We are confident that many office designs as well as residential projects will be based on this color!
Height adjustable desks
Electrically or manually - you can adjust the height of your workstation. This solution is beneficial, especially for individuals who want to work both sitting and standing. It allows for increased physical activity during work, particularly in a home office setting.
Trash bins
At the trade fair in Cologne, a strong emphasis was placed on recycling and proper waste management. Sometimes this meant products made from recycled materials, but we also encountered many manufacturers of... trash bins. These bins come in various forms, sometimes becoming unique decorations for office interiors.
Modern fabrics
In 2022, interior decor elements were covered with interesting fabrics. Felt, textured fabrics, boucle, and various prints appeared at many booths. Besides their unique appearance, upholstered furniture and office equipment elements can also have valuable acoustic properties.
Home office
At TENGO, we are confident that home office will become even more popular in the future. Therefore, we are delighted to have the opportunity to explore modern solutions dedicated to remote work. Traditional approaches of a "desk+chair" are being replaced by ergonomic and comfortable furniture.
Materials of natural origin
Why are natural materials so valued and popular today? Not only do they look great, but they are also environmentally friendly. It's no wonder that so many manufacturers presented their products made from eco-friendly materials at ORGATEC.
Not only TENGO pays attention to every detail
When designing office spaces, we pay great attention to every detail. A similar approach was demonstrated by many designers exhibiting their booths in Cologne.

We are always inspired by the opportunity to learn about the latest trends. Some solutions are immediately embraced by the market and receive positive feedback. However, sometimes novelties turn out to be passing fads and quickly fade into oblivion. Nevertheless, the members of the TENGO team returned from Cologne full of ideas and positive energy.