Welcome to the next era of the workplace with Framery Smart Pods

Designed to revolutionize your workday, these smart pods elevate every aspect of your office experience. From effortlessly locating and reserving pods to optimizing productivity throughout your day, Framery Smart Pods blend style, functionality, and sustainability with cutting-edge technology.
Framery One
First up, the Framery One: a smart, spacious workstation perfect for video calls and focused work. With contemporary design and advanced technology, including industry-leading sound insulation and ventilation, this pod creates the ideal environment for productivity and connection.
Framery One Compact
Next, the Framery One Compact: a smart, spacious phone booth tailored for phone and video calls. Featuring world-class sound insulation, echo-free acoustics, adaptive ventilation, and automated lighting, this pod ensures uninterrupted focus during your calls, no matter where you are.
Framery Four
For team meetings and collaborative sessions, there's the Framery Four: a smart and soundproof meeting pod for up to 4 people. Engineered for face-to-face and virtual meetings, it boasts fine-tuned acoustics, adaptive ventilation, and automated lighting to enhance collaboration.
Framery Six
And for larger groups and hybrid work, there's the Framery Six: a smart and soundproof meeting room for up to 6 people. Tailored for virtual collaboration and brainstorming sessions, it offers optimized acoustics, ventilation, and lighting modes for maximum productivity.
But the innovation doesn't stop there. Framery's workplace technology suite revolutionizes the way you work, streamlining your workday, elevating productivity, and enhancing the entire office experience. With features like the Framery App™ for easy pod booking, the Framery Office Sound Masking System™ to reduce distractions, and Framery Connect™ for data-driven decisions, you can enjoy a better working experience without any deployment costs.

Experience the future of office technology with Framery Smart Pods and workplace solutions. Elevate your workspace, enhance productivity, and embrace a better way of working today!