Soft & Rock system

New modular lounge seating system. Great furniture solution for office, hotel, restaurant and home
With the generational shift occurring in the workforce, Generation Y now accounts for the largest percentage of the labour force participants, bringing along change in the work environment with them. Job satisfaction is very important for Millennials. They also believe that the ability to work successfully should not be confined to a formal setting, and that any place with an internet connection and a power supply to charge a laptop can become a place of work.
Focusing on your work while snuggling in comfort in a cushioned armchair or with your feet stretched out on a sofa has become a commonplace thing. A casual environment creates a relaxed atmosphere, makes interactions glide easier, boosts motivation levels encouraging people to focus more on the tasks at hand, and provides inspiration for creative work.

Nature-inspired forms and modulating, have wide range of application (USBs, 220v sets and etc.).

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Warranty: 10 years.

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