Eke Chair

Eke is a small chair with a sophisticated design conveying the impression of lightness. The simple shape grabs attention with subtly contoured plywood covered by oak veneer, and carefully designed upholstery pattern.

The frame features a distinct structural element in the form of a knot of intertwined bent tubes which engages the viewer with its expressive and forward-thinking design.

The name of the Eke family is a reference to the prominent visual feature of the chairs – strong leg and backrest angles. With their minimal, meticulously designed details, Eke chairs fit in perfectly in a variety of spaces, while maintaining their inimitable character.

The Eke range is available in several finishing options for different interior design arrangements. The basic version brings out the natural veneer pattern on the seat and backrest.
In the upholstered versions, the soft finish delivers exceptional comfort, making the chair a perfect furniture item for daily use at home or – for example – in restaurants.

Eke chairs with fully upholstered back acquire an attractive visual quality by using fabrics from Noti's extensive fabric sample book. In this version, Eke chairs will be a great addition to the dining room or representative office space.

In the non-upholstered variant, the chairs can be easily stacked because of free space left between the seat and backrest. Eke is an extremely functional solution for all interiors where every square metre of space counts.

Warranty: 5 years.

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