Tritos is a collection designed with public buildings in mind, but it has quickly found its place in modern apartments as well.

Initially, the range contained only sofas and armchairs with a closed compact design and a distinct line where the armrest joins the seat, visible when looking at the cubic shape from the side.

Later, the collection was expanded to include open modules in various shapes and sizes that can be combined into larger arrangements.

The family also features divider walls designed for use as integral sofa elements or stand-alone screens separating, for example, a conference table from the rest of the interior.
The furniture comes with two types of stainless steel bases to choose from: skids or legs.
Furniture sets can be complemented by a table with a characteristic pattern of intersecting skids and a veneered top with rounded edges. 

Despite its very simple form Tritos offers a very high level of user comfort and is suited to a wide range of interiors.

Warranty: 5 years.

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