Mou Floor Cue Rack – Outdoor

RS Barcelona
The Diagonal floor cue rack for outdoors is the perfect mate for our pool table. It keeps all your pool accessories safe in the same place. Each accessory has its own assigned space, and there’s even room for other items such as CDs, records or drink glasses, so your pool game in your patio or porch can really be a chance to unwind, get away from it all, concentrate on something different, while enjoying some company and the challenge of the game.

With discreet, silent wheels, you can move it around and always have it handy when you need it, or nestled in the background once the game is over.

Designed with the same sleek lines as the Diagonal pool table, it’s an essential accessory for anyone who falls in love with this elegant pool table, fulfilling two functions: it’s a storage unit for your pool accessories after the game, and it’s a companion unit while you play, elegantly and harmoniously skirting around the table.

The floor cue rack is made in high-quality materials. It has a primer coated steel structure with a micro textured polyester paint in white and black. Its storage shelves come in Fenix, and the edging in iroko wood.

Thanks to its excellent combination of materials and finishes, it suits the style of any outdoor space and setting.


Structure: Primer coated steel and polyester paint with a micro textured finish.

Trays: Fenix.

Wooden details: Iroko wooden.


– Protective cover

– Wheels

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