You and Me – Indoor Ping Pong

RS Barcelona
With the wood-top version of our You and Me ping-pong table, we’ve taken our playful attitude one step further into unchartered territory. Wood offers comfort and elegance, while sportiness blends in seamlessly in new settings, discreetly taking the lead and proving that design, elegance and playfulness can all speak the same language.

There’s a place for everything with a You and Me. There’s a place for family meals and dinners with lots of friends. There’s a place for work meetings at the office. And, naturally, there’s a place for playing ping pong. Because this sport can also be enjoyed on wood.

When the games are over and you’ve finished celebrating your victories, all the sporting elements – the net, the paddles and the balls – are stored in a discreet side drawer, completely out of sight.

You can choose between two finishes, stylish walnut or warm oak, each available in two different tones with their own special character. Three sizes are available: Standard, with the standard dimensions of a ping-pong table; Medium-220; and Small-180, suitable for tighter spaces.

And, to create a comfortable, functional dining room and work setting, our You and Me benches are the perfect companions and the best choice.

In line with RS Barcelona’s philosophy, the table can be customised with special finishes, colours and even logos, making You and Me a special, unique item.

And enjoy the double You and Me experience with the HPL indoor/outdoor version.


Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textuerd powder coated polyester paint.

Top: Walnut or oak wood.

Legs: Walnut or oak wood.

Net: Polyester fabric.


– Net

– Set of 6 balls

– Set of 2 paddles

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