How to choose an office chair?

Are you considering choosing an office chair? In today's guide, we will provide you with some tips on the key features to look for in a good office chair. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that the chosen chair is comfortable, ergonomic, and will serve you well for years.

Office chairs with multiple adjustment options
First and the most important- work chair should have multiple adjustment options. This allows each user to customize the seat, backrest, and armrests to their own preferences. This enables comfortable seating positions, which are beneficial for both productivity and our health.
A good office chair should provide support for the entire back. Basic features include adjusting the tilt of the backrest (usually ranging from -5 to 30 degrees) and the seat height. Additionally, it is often possible to slide the seat slightly forward, which is especially useful for taller people. For better comfort, office chairs should have armrests that can be adjusted in height and width. The most comfortable office chairs also offer lumbar support adjustment and a comfortable headrest. The more adjustable options a chair has, the better! If possible, it is recommended to test an adjustable office chair, preferably with the involvement of the future users - employees in your company.
Ergonomic office chair
Many models of office chairs have appropriately contoured backrests. This ensures that we maintain a proper (comfortable and healthy) posture while working. The backrest of an office chair should adapt to the sitting person's body shape. Once again, this emphasizes the importance of a wide range of adjustments in good office chairs. With these adjustments, everyone can find the optimal working position.
Comfortable office chair - proper dimensions and stability
To ensure that using an office chair is comfortable for different employees, the seat and backrest dimensions must be appropriately large.
This allows workers of various postures to find the right position for themselves. An office chair should be quite universal since it's hard to imagine having multiple chair models or desks in one office.
A solid office chair should be characterized by good stability. This is essential for the comfort and safety of employees. Stability is ensured by the chair's construction and base. Typically, the base has five support points, sometimes in the form of rotating wheels, while in other models have universal glides. Office chairs that meet workplace safety standards should also have the option of full 360-degree rotation.

What are the legal requirements for an office chair?
Occupational health and safety regulations specify the characteristics that an office chair must have as part of a workstation. An office chair should have:
● seat height adjustment within a range of at least 40-50 cm from the floor;
● backrest angle adjustment ranging from -5 to 30 degrees;
● ergonomically contoured seat and backrest, adapted to the shape of the spine and lumbar region;
● armrests;
● 360-degree rotation option;
● intuitive and easily accessible adjustments, even while seated;
● solid base with at least five support points;
● casters.
Employers and those responsible for office furniture should pay attention to the above legal regulations. If you want to ensure that your office furniture meets all legal standards and ergonomic and safety requirements, consider seeking assistance from Tengo's designers. During the design of office spaces, we always take these factors into account.
Office chair - ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing
The last aspect worth considering when choosing an office chair is its appearance. Nowadays, reputable manufacturers offer chairs in various colors - both for structural elements and upholstery. Therefore, office chairs can perfectly match the office design project.
What about a chair for a home office?
When choosing a chair for a home office, you don't have to focus on legal standards and occupational health and safety regulations. However, it is still recommended to choose a branded product with multiple adjustment options. Today, best office furniture manufacturers also offer office chairs with designs that better suit the interior of a living space or home. This allows you to maintain stylistic consistency in the room without sacrificing the benefits of a typical office chair.

It is also worth following these guidelines when choosing a chair for a child to use at a desk.