How to increase work comfort in the office? Tengo’s Guide

Work in the office can now be truly productive and efficient.. However, it is also important to ensure the comfort of employees. Below you will find several effective ways to increase work comfort in the office. Some of them do not require any financial investment - you can implement them in your company right away. Comfortable office work is possible in comfortable offices, open-space environments, as well as at home.
A Tailor-Made Office to Meet the Needs of the Company and Its Employees
What should a comfortable office look like? This is the question we ask ourselves at the beginning of every project for our clients. We start by thoroughly understanding the needs of the organization, personal teams, and each employee individually. This allows us to assess the optimal arrangement of workstations.. The proper number of conference rooms, a suitable (large and ergonomic) kitchen, or even additional relaxation space are important considerations.
Every detail matters in the office interior design project. By creating dedicated areas for team meetings or installing phone booths, we significantly reduce noise in the office space. On the other hand, we achieve a great deal of creativity and ease of collaboration through an open, yet cozy, open-space environment.
High-Quality Office Furniture
Tengo not only designs residential and commercial interiors but also furniture dealer. We are familiar with all of them, having real contact with specific models of desks, office chairs, and other office equipment. Sometimes it's hard to believe that two seemingly identical pieces of furniture can provide completely different experiences when used! That's why we rely on proven solutions from reputable manufacturers - it guarantees high durability, user comfort, and customization options for every employee's needs.
It is worth noting that more comfortable office furniture doesn't always have to be more expensive. By knowing the portfolios of many furniture manufacturers, we, together with our clients, choose the best solutions.
Office Equipment that Significantly Enhances Work Comfort
Does anything else besides a comfortable chair and a sturdy desk with a favorite photo affect work comfort in the office? Of course, it does! When designing office spaces, we ensure acoustic comfort. It is crucial to provide a comfortable and productive work environment throughout the day. It doesn't always require the use of partition walls. Nowadays, we utilize modern ideas such as acoustic panels and wall-mounted blinds. Additionally, the presence of plants in the office should not be overlooked - they have a positive impact on reducing noise levels.
Hybrid Work and Office Comfort
Today, many companies operate in a hybrid work mode. Employees partially work from home and visit the office every few days. How do we reconcile work comfort and the needs of the company in such situations? The solution tailored specifically for hybrid work is hot-desking (hot desks). Employees don't have assigned workstations, which helps reduce office maintenance costs. In addition to workstations and a reservation system for them, it's also essential to provide additional space for employees' personal belongings. Encrypted lockers are a good choice in this case. Not having a "personal" desk doesn't mean giving up personal items!
The available space can be dedicated to multiple conference rooms, phone booths, and collaboration areas. We have noticed that employees often spend their office days exchanging ideas. Many of these ideas emerge during a friendly game of foosball, over a morning coffee, or during lunch. It's worth stimulating such natural brainstorming sessions by providing employees with a comfortable space in the office.
Proper Lighting and Temperature
It's difficult to imagine a comfortable workspace without proper lighting. We firmly believe that natural sunlight is the best. Natural light helps regulate the circadian rhythm, and it's the healthiest and most pleasant source of light. However, if natural light is insufficient, we supplement it. The proper angle of lighting, the number of light sources, and their intensity are as important as the ability to adjust the lighting in specific areas of the office.
Another considerable factor that significantly impacts work comfort in the office is temperature and humidity. Modern ventilation and air conditioning systems seem to cover both of these issues. However, it turns out that placing plants in the office also has many benefits. They regulate humidity levels, reduce noise levels at workstations and create a friendly, homely atmosphere.
Comfortable Workstations with Personalized Details
Surely everyone in their office knows someone who is surrounded by pictures of friends, children, or family. Sometimes just placing a frame with a favorite photograph on the desk can immediately bring a touch of home atmosphere. A similar effect can be achieved by bringing your own mug or plants to work (even a small cactus in a pot :) ). Personalized accents at the workstation improve the atmosphere. It makes us feel almost at home in our workplace, and our well-being definitely affects our work comfort. However, it's important to avoid excessive form over substance. Remember that at work, we should focus primarily on the work itself. This is where acoustic blinds show their unexpected advantage. They not only provide some privacy and reduce noise levels but can also be used to attach photos, drawings, or notes with pins or thumbtacks.
When designing office interiors, Tengo employees always want to understand not only the company's vision but also its employees. This allows us to ensure that everyone feels good in their workplace. Office accessories and additions play a role in this, as they can be tailored to the preferences and interests of employees. In open-space offices, this can sometimes be challenging. However, we design them in a way that reflects both the spirit of the company and the personalities of the employees.