The LINQ Conference in 2023 promises
to be incredibly exciting!
We look forward to seeing you at this event!

The LINQ Conference is scheduled for mid-September 2023. The event will take place in the bustling city of Limassol. It's no wonder that the organizers chose this city, recognized as the business capital of Cyprus, for this special event!
Why should you participate in the LINQ Conference? Let's delve into the details of this event.
LINQ Conference 2023, Limassol,
September 14th to 16th
Let's start with the date - the LINQ Conference will be held this year from September 14th to 16th. The organizers have planned numerous attractions that should interest people from the gaming industry and beyond. In addition to a variety of lectures and networking opportunities, there will also be time for relaxation and leisure. And for those who enjoy some sports competition, there will be opportunities to participate in various disciplines such as cycling and beach volleyball.

Apart from the official three-day program, there will be informal moments as well. The LINQ Conference in Limassol is, therefore, an excellent opportunity to meet many interesting individuals. Following the conclusion of the conference, there is even a day open to the public.
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LINQ 2023 Agenda - Why Should You Participate in the Event?
The LINQ 2023 conference will feature a wide array of lectures and workshops, hosted by individuals actively involved in the development of businesses in the gaming industry and beyond. Throughout these sessions and presentations, attendees will gain insights into topics related to business management, investing in the industry, and how gamers perceive products. Rest assured, there will be no room for boredom, especially with events like workshops led by Grandmaster Chess player Ernesto Ernakiev.

For those seeking more in-depth knowledge, Q&A sessions at the end of some lectures will provide the opportunity to delve into specific details. However, for many participants, the real highlight lies in networking opportunities and roundtable discussions.
A bit of physical activity, workshops, and an afterparty to conclude an intensive day!
Both on September 15th and the following day (Friday and Saturday), LINQ 2023 kicks off with sports competitions. On Friday, conference attendees can test their skills in 5 and 10-kilometer runs. Saturday morning, on the other hand, begins with a 40-kilometer bike ride scheduled for 2.5 hours. This burst of activity sets the stage for a series of subsequent activities, lectures, and discussions on various topics, including:

● Running a business in the gaming industry
● Industry development in 2024 and trends for the coming year
● Artificial intelligence in business, language models (GPT-4) in game projects
● Creative thinking
● Personal development
● Preparing children for a world utilizing AI
● Health and happiness in everyday life and at work
● First aid
● And many more.
TENGO supports LINQ 2023 - we provide equipment for the event.
Among this year's conference partners is us! We are delighted to support the LINQ 2023 conference in Limassol by supplying the necessary equipment. See you there!
LINQ 2023 Partners in Limassol
Over 500 leaders from countries around the world will participate in the LINQ conference. We expect more than 300 managers from technology companies, with over 30 of them delivering speeches and lectures. Among them will be representatives of well-known enterprises and brands such as:

● Google
● Tik Tok for Business
● GameCamp
● Kolas Ventures
● GDCy
● RunLab (organizer of 5 and 10 km runs)
● INEX (organizer of the bike ride)
● techisland
● TENGO - office and home solutions

As for media partners, they include publications like Successful Business - Cyprus Business Analytics Magazine, CyprusMail, WN Conference, and Vestnik Kipra.
Event Details
Last year, the LINQ conference took place in Pafos. This time, the chosen location is Limassol. The event is organized by Star Hills Production Ltd. It will be held at the newly opened venue - The WareHouse in Limassol. Situated right by the sea, this venue will be the perfect setting, especially when we provide the necessary equipment! The organizer will send all participants and media representatives the required information and instructions for transportation.

If needed, you can contact the organizer at the provided address: You can also change the details on your ticket or pay for your entry via invoice (not through the website) by emailing Those who make a payment will receive an invoice to the provided email address within 24 hours.
LINQ Conference will take place from September 14th to 16th, 2023.

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