Mobile Cascando Space Dividers for Open Offices and More

Designing commercial spaces is no easy task. Among the greatest challenges is creating an environment that allows teamwork while providing a comfortable and private workspace. In open offices and beyond, it's essential to employ partition systems. One of the top solutions in this category is Cascando's mobile space dividers. They combine practicality with advantages such as improved acoustics, stylish aesthetics, and additional storage space. Let's take a closer look at the space dividers from our new partner, Cascando.
Cascando Space Dividers - Stylish Office Partitions. Why Should You Have Them?
The expectations of business owners and their employees are continually increasing. It's no longer sufficient to provide comfortable chairs and spacious desks for the staff. Nowadays, we also pay attention to the acoustic qualities of the space, ensuring employees' privacy, and equipping them with the necessary tools for work. All these aspects directly impact work efficiency and, consequently, the profits generated by the company. It's no wonder that furniture and office equipment manufacturers rise to the occasion, delivering excellent products to Tengo's projects.
An example of a manufacturer who approaches office projects and equipment unconventionally is Cascando. This Dutch brand focuses on combining maximum functionality with excellent design. As a result, their products become not only a part of our everyday work environment but also make work more enjoyable, creative, and satisfying for those inside. How is this possible?
Cascando's mobile space dividers boast excellent acoustic qualities. Placing them in the right spot can significantly reduce noise levels in a room. Moreover, these mobile space dividers offer additional possibilities to their users. Depending on the chosen model and its equipment, they can feature a display screen, a whiteboard, or useful shelves or lockers.
Where should you consider using Cascando Space Dividers?
Tengo's designers typically utilize mobile space dividers in larger spaces. Open offices, in particular, are ideal for employing Cascando dividers and appreciating their advantages. However, this option can also be utilized in conference rooms or even at home. We envision using a mobile space divider to create a home office space as an excellent choice. After finishing work, you can relocate the partition, once again having access to a spacious room.
Cascando Pillow Space - a versatile mobile space divider for special tasks
One of the most well-thought-out and versatile products by Cascando is the Pillow Space space divider. This wheeled partition is incredibly easy to move, and Cascando offers extensive customization options. Most importantly, you can decide on the size of the partition – its height, width, and even depth. Cascando can finish the sides of the space divider with a variety of materials, and they come in numerous colors, making it effortless to match the most suitable divider for your office, office, or apartment interior. Cascando can even create a partition where both sides have different colors or are made of different materials, which is a great choice, especially for demarcating various zones in an open office space. However, the configuration possibilities of the Cascando Pillow Space space divider don't end there!
The biggest advantage is the option to order a mobile space divider with additional features. The selection is extensive and caters to the diverse needs of customers ordering Cascando dividers. You can choose a space divider with features such as:
● a whiteboard for note-taking on the side (as a part of the divider or covering the entire side) – also with the possibility of mounting on both sides of the partition;
● a TV/display mount with cable management;
● сlothing hangers;
● stair-shaped shelves.
The interior of the space divider doesn't have to be wasted space either. If desired, it can include clothing hangers (also as a wardrobe with doors), shelves, or a stand for brochures and promotional materials. A mounted cabinet can also be lockable, serving a similar function to a locker container.
Cascando Shield - Stylish Protective Screens for Safety
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies opted to install barriers and other dividers. These were often placed at customer service stations where employees interacted with numerous individuals daily. Most of these dividers didn't necessarily prioritize aesthetics. Transparent dividers by Cascando, however, offer an excellent solution for those looking to combine safety, hygiene, and style. Cascando Shield is a "designer shield" that's worth considering.
If you want to get better acquainted with Cascando products, don't hesitate to reach out to Tengo's designers. We'll be more than happy to assist you!