Hi Doers! Let's Meet at the Tengo Coworking Zone at Reflect Festival

In 2024, Tengo is partnering with the Reflect Festival in Limassol. This event brings together business representatives from all around the world. We're excited to announce that we'll be setting up a coworking zone again this year. Whether you're looking for a cozy and quiet place to work at the festival or want to discuss office interior design and equipment, we warmly welcome you!
Doers United: Motto of the Reflect Festival 2024
Reflect Festival is the largest tech event in the country. Despite Cyprus being a small nation, Reflect attracts representatives from major global companies. Located at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, it's an ideal place to meet new business partners. Reflect Festival hosts a mix of major tech companies, startups, and freelancers. The event includes numerous workshops, lectures, and panel discussions, all aimed at fostering connections and sharing valuable knowledge among participants.
Reflect Festival is growing every year. It's truly worth attending this event to immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere filled with successful individuals, cutting-edge technology, and innovative ideas. Spend your time surrounded by like-minded people and soak up the inspiration and knowledge that Reflect Festival offers.
Coworking Zone Powered by Tengo
Just like last year, we invite Reflect Festival 2024 attendees to our dedicated coworking zone. Just bring your laptop - we've taken care of the rest. Our coworking zone offers comfortable chairs, desks, fast Internet and even some office conference rooms and phone booths.
The coworking area showcases various office interior solutions. While using the space, you can experience the comfort of our office chairs and furniture, and evaluate the practicality of modern office solutions. You'll also meet Tengo representatives. We are happy to see you answer any questions.
When is the Reflect Festival in Limassol?
Reflect Festival 2024 will be held at the end of May, on Thursday and Friday (30-31.05.2024). You can check the agenda on the website (Reflect Festival Agenda)
While at the Reflect Festival, take a moment to visit the coworking zone powered by Tengo. It's the perfect place to handle important tasks, have a quick business meeting, or simply work in peace.