RS Barcelona foosball tables are the perfect addition to any interior.

In the design of a modern office, there is often a relaxation and recreation area. Gaming equipment like darts, consoles, or foosball tables frequently find their place there. One of the most renowned manufacturers of foosball tables today is RS Barcelona. This Spanish brand combines exclusive design with high quality and durability in their foosball tables. We are delighted to be a partner and distributor of a brand that originated in sunny Barcelona.

RS Barcelona, foosball tables

The history of RS Barcelona dates back to the mid-70s. The founder of the brand, who had previously been involved in the metallurgical industry, initially produced his products on behalf of other companies. Over time, manual production increasingly focused on models sold under his own brand. Rafael Rodriguez Castillo also began collaborating with his two sons. The family business flourished, and we can still see its excellent results today. One of the breakthrough moments in the development of RS Barcelona was the creation of the RS#2 foosball table project.
The design was so successful that it was appreciated by the Vincon design store in Barcelona. RS#2 foosball tables became a permanent part of their collection, which was a tremendous honor. It's safe to say that since 2006, RS Barcelona has been associated with designer foosball tables for both offices and homes. The brand has also created many other models, all characterized by a combination of classic, timeless design and high-quality materials.
Extensive customization options for RS Barcelona foosball tables - show the spirit of your company.
In both commercial space arrangements and interior design projects, we appreciate the opportunity to use unique furniture and equipment elements. That's precisely what RS Barcelona foosball tables are all about. They are unique decorations in themselves that cannot go unnoticed. However, we also have the option to personalize RS Barcelona foosball tables to a considerable extent. Thanks to this, your home or office can feature a one-of-a-kind item, truly unique in the world. Similar to other furniture from the Spanish manufacturer's lineup, you can choose from a wide range of colors and finishing options for the foosball tables.
But that's not the end of the customization possibilities. A real highlight is the option to order custom painting of the foosball player's uniforms, the ones you control while playing. You can even influence the gender of the players, choosing between female or male.
RS Barcelona foosball tables bring a lot of joy to both homes and offices
Everyone needs to take a short break from work or daily activities at times. Instead of sitting on the couch or scrolling through social media on your smartphone, you can spend those moments actively and very enjoyably. Foosball is a team game for two to four players. Therefore, equipping your office with a foosball table is an excellent choice. It allows for competition within the team or between different departments. Participation in matches, or even mini-tournaments, helps create and maintain great relationships within every team. Active leisure time can also be an excellent way to "clear" your thoughts or simply relax. Changing positions is also not insignificant, especially when you spend most of your time sitting in an office job. Let's not forget about the connections that will form among employees from different teams who gather around the RS Barcelona foosball table. Some companies believe that playing foosball is a waste of time at work... Wrong! Many excellent, creative ideas have emerged precisely during breaks from work, eventually bringing significant profits to the company. Good relationships among employees and their satisfaction with the workplace are also crucial.
RS Barcelona foosball tables are designed for installation in offices, homes, hotels, restaurants, or public spaces. Thanks to their durability and the availability of spare parts, you don't have to worry about equipment wearing out too quickly. Some foosball tables can even be used outdoors. In the case of outdoor tables, stainless steel covered with micro-textured powder is used in production, and then it is lacquered. The foosball players are made of aluminum, and the handles are crafted from Iroko wood. Additionally, each set includes a spare foosball player for each team.
More info about RS Barcelona foosball tables?
In addition to foosball tables, RS Barcelona also provides equipment for other "office sports." In the brand's portfolio, you'll find ping-pong tables, pool tables, and foosball-like table soccer games (cymbergaj). RS Barcelona also manufactures exclusive accessories. It's worth mentioning clothing racks inspired by the foosball rod, which can be an excellent addition to a relaxation area in your office or home.
RS Barcelona also has an interesting proposition for homeowners. Thanks to an additional tabletop, you can quickly transform the foosball table into a regular large surface table. So, you don't have to sacrifice the practical aspect of this piece of furniture.