RS Barcelona - An Unconventional Approach to Furniture. New Tengo Partner!

We are excited to introduce our new partner, RS Barcelona, to you! RS Barcelona is a Spanish manufacturer that stands out prominently among furniture makers. Their tables, furniture, and accessories seamlessly combine practicality with elements of entertainment. What may seem like an ordinary table for your home or office can, in the blink of an eye, transform into a playing field for games like billiards, foosball, or ping-pong. Furthermore, RS Barcelona products offer extensive personalization options, undoubtedly adding character to any interior!
More Optimism and Fun Every Day with RS Barcelona Furniture
We all associate Spain with fiery passion, fun, and a love for sports. All these qualities can be found in RS Barcelona's furniture. The company specializes in crafting well-thought-out tables for foosball, ping-pong, and other team games. Simultaneously, these can function as fully practical pieces for your home or office. In just moments, you can convert a foosball table into a classic dining table or desk. Beyond guaranteeing a good time and practicality, RS Barcelona tables can certainly be considered small works of art. They add charm to any interior and are impeccably crafted. Handmade using traditional methods and high-quality materials like steel and real wood, they exude an air of exclusivity.
RS Barcelona products are also noteworthy for their extensive customization possibilities. Clients have a say not only in color and finishing but can even request custom-painted player uniforms for foosball. You can even choose the numbers on their jerseys!
The Iconic RS#2 Football Table
The history of RS Barcelona dates back to 1975 when Rafael Rodriguez Castillo decided to start his own company. Initially, his products were sold under other brands for which he created them. However, this former metallurgy industry employee quickly transformed his expertise, both literally and figuratively, into an entirely new product.
One of the most successful products from RS Barcelona is the RS#2 foosball table. This designer table marked the brand's first proprietary product and was immediately met with acclaim! In 2006, it found a permanent place in the hall of design masterpieces at Vincon store in Barcelona. Today, the Spanish brand's portfolio includes:

● billiard tables;
● ping-pong tables;
● foosball tables;
● shuffleboard tables;
● seating and designer tables;
● outdoor furniture;
● stylish accessories.
RS Barcelona - Where Designer Vision Meets Engineering Expertise
After the initial stages of establishing the company and embarking on independent projects, the time for market expansion arrived. RS Barcelona continually diversifies its offerings while ensuring that its products remain exceptional. Adding a piece from this Spanish craftsmanship can define the character of any office or residential space arrangement. In the creation of the next designer furniture pieces that blend exclusivity with a touch of sportsmanship, young, passionate designers play a pivotal role. Their dedication converges with the extensive experience of engineers and constructors at RS Barcelona. As a result, clients can expect the finest quality and distinctive aesthetics in every product. Opting for RS Barcelona furniture guarantees that you'll receive unique pieces that captivate the attention of your visitors!
In the process of designing offices and commercial interiors, Tengo architects place great importance on the well-being of employees. Nowadays, a leisure area is an integral part of the workspace, often featuring comfortable chairs and sofas, multimedia screens, or gaming consoles. However, we understand that many creative ideas arise through friendly competition. It's no wonder that companies frequently furnish their offices with foosball tables, dartboards, or equipment for other activities. Spending time together with these games provides employees with a great moment to relax and unwind. RS Barcelona products excel in this role while looking exceptionally stylish!