What is the standard desk height?

Working in an office often entails spending numerous hours seated at a desk every day. Basic desk models come with a fixed height, but occasionally, furniture may offer the option of adjustability. Is the standard desk height suitable for everyone? How high should the desk surface be, and what are the benefits of being able to raise it? In today's guide, we will address these questions.

Why is the appropriate desk height so crucial?

Maintaining the proper posture at your desk is highly important for work comfort. This, in turn, directly influences productivity, work motivation, and overall satisfaction. Therefore, it can be said that an office interior design that takes into account comfortable workstations is beneficial both for employees and the company itself.
Furthermore, we must not overlook the health of employees. Working in an office often carries the risk of experiencing back, neck, and wrist pain. These problems are frequently caused by an improper sitting position. The right desk height, along with a comfortable office chair and ergonomic accessories (such as a mouse pad with a gel cushion, a footrest, etc.), contribute to taking care of employees' health and well-being.
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So, what should be the height of a desk? It largely depends on the individuals who will be using it. However, non-standard height requirements usually pertain to very tall or short individuals. Sometimes, desk users also have their own preferences that go beyond the generally accepted standard.

The standard desk height is typically 72-75 centimeters. This height is suitable not only for the requirements of most individuals with varying heights but also for chairs with standard seat heights. However, it's important to note that most of the time, we have a comfortable office chair accompanying the desk. With the adjustability of its height, backrest tilt angle, and armrest customization, everyone can feel comfortable at a desk with a standard height of 72-75 cm.

We have encountered slightly different expectations when it comes to desks for gamers. In such cases, the monitor is usually elevated slightly higher (e.g., using a stand or a mount), while the desk surface is lower. In this scenario, the desk height typically falls within the range of 68-78 cm.

What height should a home desk be?

When furnishing a home office, it is often recommended to opt for a standard desk height of 72-75 cm. This height will meet the expectations of the majority of workers. However, when choosing a desk for home use (or for a specific individual's office), it is essential to focus on achieving the best possible fit. To ensure a comfortable and healthy sitting position at the desk, it is advisable to try out several models.

If you are planning an interior design project for a home that will include a desk, you can also inform us of the height of the main user. We can then select an appropriate model or provide a desk with height adjustability.

What height should a desk be for a child?

Prolonged sitting can have an impact on spinal health, and it is crucial to take care of it, even for children. For younger children, desks and tables with a low surface are suitable. A properly sized children's chair will be the perfect complement.

For a first-grade student of average height, the desk surface should be at approximately 55 centimeters. However, it is likely that the child will quickly require a taller desk. In such cases, purchasing an adjustable desk for the child can be an optimal solution. Such furniture will serve them well for many years.Prolonged sitting can have an impact on spinal health, and it is crucial to take care of it, even for children. For younger children, desks and tables with a low surface are suitable. A properly sized children's chair will be the perfect complement.

Is the standard desk height suitable for you?

Sitting at a desk that is too high or constantly leaning over its surface can be uncomfortable. It can also lead to spinal problems, neck pain, and even issues with circulation or eyesight. It's important to ensure that the desk height is ideal both at work and at home. For a person with a height of 170 cm, the ideal desk surface height would be 70 cm. Individuals who are 180 cm or taller should consider a desk surface height of 75-80 cm. Often, even a small adjustment of 1-2 centimeters in the desk height can have a positive impact on comfort while working, studying, or engaging in activities. However, it's important to note that other factors also influence our posture, such as the height and type of chair or the height of the monitor. Additionally, the values mentioned above are averaged.

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Our goal is to design interiors with ergonomic and user-friendly workstations. We approach each project individually. Before starting our work, we thoroughly understand the expectations of your employees, their requirements, and the vision of your company. This allows us to perfectly tailor the elements of office furniture used in the project to individual needs.

Height-adjustable desks

Some desk models offer the option to adjust the height, allowing customization for each user's specific needs. However, the best solution is to invest in a desk with smooth height adjustment. This can be achieved using a crank or an electric mechanism. Significantly raising the desk allows for the option of using it while standing. This solution has become increasingly popular in both offices and homes. The ability to switch positions from sitting to standing at the desk allows for longer periods of rest, positively impacting concentration, creativity, and overall health.

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Today, the top desks that we highly recommend to our most demanding clients at Tengo are equipped with standing capabilities. Electrically adjustable desks provide a convenient and quick way to raise or lower the surface. This type of desk has become increasingly popular, making the prices much more affordable. Desks with electric height adjustment are a way to significantly improve work comfort and maintain good health even during long hours spent at the desk.

What should be the dimensions of the desk?

In addition to the desk height, it's important to ensure an adequately sized surface. Typically, the depth of a desk ranges from 60 to 80 centimeters, and its width is between 120 and 160 cm. A smaller workspace surface would not allow for comfortable use of the furniture. If you need to accommodate computer equipment, documents, or other office equipment items, it is advisable to opt for a larger desk.