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Are you wondering whether it's worth ordering an office design project from Tengo? A functional workspace helps to achieve the best results in any company. We will ensure that all employees work in safe positions. However, the interior should not only be practical but also stylish and accurately reflect the character of the company.

Who are we? Tengo is a company specializing in commercial interior design and office furniture distribution. With years of experience and a presence in multiple European markets, we can help you design your dream office or any other commercial interior.

Key aspects of office interior design

We approach each commercial interior project individually. We start our collaboration by thoroughly understanding our client's needs. Office interior design is a complex process, and we pay attention to various aspects during the space arrangement. The primary focus is on the comfort and well-being of employees, which is ensured by ergonomic workstations. In our designs, we only use verified office furniture from leading manufacturers. Many of our clients confirm that they were surprised by how comfortable an office chair can be! Adjustable features and proper desk height are essential factors. At Tengo, we know how to minimize muscle tension and issues related to the spine.
Equally important for ergonomic workstations are appropriate lighting and acoustics. We take care of these aspects by planning an adequate number of light sources and maximizing the use of natural light. When designing an optimal workspace, we rely on innovative and effective solutions that guarantee good acoustics. We use not only acoustic panels and booths but also ensure optimal location of office equipment.

Our commitment to providing ergonomic, safe, and OHS-compliant workspaces is combined with suitable design. With countless possibilities for color schemes and interior decor, each company can find the perfect plan for their commercial space!

Achieve success in your work with the right office design

Regardless of the size of your company, functional and stylish commercial interior furnishings will help you to succeed in your work. The proper office design has a significant impact on the performance of every employee and the entire company. At Tengo, we value the importance of introducing an atmosphere conducive to creativity and efficient work through our proposed office design. This is facilitated not only by comfortable workstations tailored to each individual's needs but also by carefully selecting colors, accessories, and decorations.

In achieving the best results, it is also beneficial to include collaborative spaces in the commercial interior design project. The appropriate number of practical conference rooms should be accompanied by quiet areas for phone calls and video chats. This allows all employees to work comfortably, regardless of their preferred communication method with the team.

Discover our inspiring commercial interior projects

Interested in getting to know the Tengo style better? You can find our portfolio above. Check out the office of Wargaming, a successful mobile game development company. The creators of the popular game World of Tanks appreciated the office design executed by Tengo!
We have also designed commercial interiors for DoubleTree by Hilton, LG, Glo, as well as restaurants, shopping centers, and other companies.

An office design that reflects your company's character

One of the first steps in the office space design process is understanding and defining your company's values. Is it sustainability, innovation, collaboration, high-quality service, or a combination of these? The office interior design can incorporate these important aspects that matter to you and your company.

We believe it is essential to infuse commercial spaces with the character of your company during the design process. This enables employees to identify with it every day. Moreover, your clients visiting the office, hotel, or restaurant will immediately feel the atmosphere and values that guide your company.

Of course, this approach to commercial space arrangement goes hand in hand with maintaining full functionality and workstation comfort.

Office furniture, additional equipment, accessories, and decorations

Additional equipment, including accessories and decorations, are equally important elements of interior design as office furniture. Tengo is not just a distributor of office furniture. In addition to office chairs, desks, practical cabinets and shelves, our interior design projects also consider all other unique objects that will be ordered and installed in your office, creating a ready-to-use interior that only requires you and your employees.
We strongly believe that in today's world, an office is more than just desks and chairs placed in a room. We prioritize excellent acoustics and incorporate greenery to provide the best conditions for efficient work in our commercial interior design projects.

In addition to furnishing your office with various accessories and decorations, we also take care of essential electronic equipment (AV, appliances, communication systems), presentation tools, and IT solutions to enable smooth operations. We are well-versed in modern technologies, including those that create efficient hot-desk workstations.

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