Thinking about the future, we take actions that prioritize sustainable development

TENGO is a group of enthusiasts dedicated to assisting in the design and furnishing of office and residential interiors. Engaging in such activities inevitably has an impact on the environment. Therefore, we strive to maintain sustainable development and also require our furniture and equipment manufacturers to adhere to these principles. Simultaneously, we seek to offset any negative impact by undertaking various initiatives beneficial to local communities and the natural environment. Explore how we achieve this and the steps our partners are taking in this direction.

Thoughtful interior design is our goal.

One of the primary aspects of TENGO's business is the design of residential and commercial interiors. Sometimes, our clients entrust the furnishing of their space to a third-party company or do it themselves. However, most often, our collaboration is comprehensive, and our company delivers a fully furnished and finished space, turnkey. At every stage of the project, we ensure that practicality, aesthetics, and all client requirements are seamlessly integrated. Additionally, we aim for the interior design to be timeless and thoroughly considered in every aspect. Furthermore, it is essential to use high-quality materials and furnishings in the interior arrangement.
All of this ensures that even after several years, the interior continues to meet all user requirements - whether they are residents, employees, clients, or your guests. It still looks fresh and modern. We take care to ensure that the elements of furniture and furnishings that wear out most quickly are suitable for replacement. Thanks to this, our clients can enjoy the results of our interior finishing, renovation, or refreshment process for a long time.

Our suppliers embrace modern technologies

In some situations, we appreciate the use of traditional furniture manufacturing methods. It's a nod to classical values, often linked to craftsmen creating true masterpieces. However, in many cases, significantly more modern production methods prove to be more efficient. They are energy-efficient, durable, and fully functional. During the rigors of daily use, we can rely on products created using innovative methods and effective technologies.
Beyond the production process and materials used, a good design matters as well. In the second decade of the 21st century, 3D modeling, advanced software, and even artificial intelligence are frequently employed in the design process. When combined with the expertise of renowned designers and engineers, we obtain highly durable and thoroughly considered products.
Manufacturers of furniture and interior equipment, featured in TENGO's offering, pay attention to every detail. We achieve a lower environmental impact, among other things, by transporting products in the smallest possible packaging. These packages are increasingly made from materials suitable for reuse or recycling. The products themselves, such as furniture, can also be made largely from biodegradable materials.
Certifications are genuinely important to us!
While we trust our business partners, we also rely on proper documentation. Numerous certifications help assess the sustainability of the furniture and other products we use in our projects. All products come with appropriate labels. Specific criteria include the use of renewable materials and the absence of harmful substances in furniture manufacturing. Thanks to these markings and detailed documentation, our clients can be assured that we choose truly "green" solutions!
In addition to evaluating the final products, ethical manufacturing conditions are equally important to us. We prioritize fair working conditions, as well as the health and safety of everyone involved in the manufacturing, transportation, and installation of interior elements. We also ensure that delivery routes are as short as possible. Wherever feasible, we rely on local suppliers, specialists, and craftsmen. Thoughtful logistics also contribute to more eco-friendly transportation.
Renewable energy and minimizing harmful emissions - the keys to sustainable development
Choosing suppliers that use renewable energy sources is crucial for our company's sustainable development. Fortunately, many leading furniture manufacturers today utilize solar, water, and wind energy, allowing us to minimize harmful emissions and the depletion of natural resources, which are becoming scarcer on Earth.
Minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment can occur at various stages of our industry's activities. From designing a new product, through the production process, to the thoughtful arrangement of every interior. In our daily operations, TENGO also strives to reduce resource consumption (electricity, water) and pays attention to details like waste sorting. At the same time, we endeavor to stay updated with the latest developments in eco-friendly interior design. Sustainable development is one of our top priorities.