Often, we start working on a project even before the client has chosen a space to rent.

At this stage, we already help our clients assess the potential of various properties.



We offer a free "office fitting" service

Sometimes, the same area but with different geometries can yield completely different results. For example, a perfectly square or rectangular 200 square meter space can easily accommodate 20-30 workstations, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and more.

However, a space with the same area but irregular shape, sharp angles, or inconvenient column placement might not fit anything at all.

Below are the office layout options for a client who is choosing between two business centers.
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During the development stage of such quick layouts, we do not delve into project details.
However, a trial layout solution helps the client make a faster decision when choosing between several business centers and understand the company's growth potential in a new office.
Based on the layouts, we can prepare a preliminary budget for the move, including renovations and furniture.
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In the end, you receive comprehensive analytics from us and confidently make a decision on which premises to rent or purchase.

This convenient feature benefits both clients and brokers, as well as property owners, presenting an excellent opportunity for us to showcase ourselves.
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