Meeting at the Tengo Design office and art exhibition opening. The latest trends in design

Right after the long May weekend, a meeting for design and art enthusiasts took place at the Tengo Design office in Warsaw. We summarized the recently concluded Salone Internazionale del Mobile design exhibition (Milan, Italy). Then we opened an art exhibition, prepared by Tengo in collaboration with the IID foundation.
Warsaw's Tengo Design office is now a trendy meeting place for designers and art lovers
Already during the project of our new Tengo Design office in Warsaw, we thought about using the space in many ways. The excellent location near the Palace of Culture and Science in the city of Warsaw also contributes to this idea. In addition to our daily work and project implementation for our Clients and Partners, we regularly invite interested parties to various meetings.
On May 9, 2024, at 3:00 PM in our office, we summarized the trends of this year's Salone del Mobile. Maciek Leszczyński from Metis.Space helped us with this. There was also time for discussions, networking, and questions about our industry.
From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, another important event for us took place. The opening of the art exhibition, prepared together with the IID foundation. Thursday's meeting attracted many participants, which delighted us immensely. We advertised the event with the slogan "Join us on a journey into the magical world of design and art," and we hope that expectations were met.
Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Milan 2024
The event took place from April 8 to 15, 2024. When the excitement of the event subsided a bit, it was time to summarize it. What caught our eye is the increasingly common combination of interior decor with the surrounding outdoor environment. Proper arrangement and the use of weather-resistant outdoor furniture help achieve continuity in the decor of the entire space, not just within the building.
Another trend we observed in Milan was sustainable development and ubiquitous innovation. The showcased furniture and solutions not only use recycled materials and ecological plastics but also increasingly incorporate modern technologies.
Interior design is becoming increasingly creative. Such an approach is close to us, and we also saw it at the exhibitions in Milan. Manufacturers showcased new ideas and concepts - both for individual products and entire projects. This year, a lot of attention was also paid to... water spaces. The equipment we place in backyard pools can be incredibly comfortable and stylish. Such an approach allows us to further increase the functionality of beautiful spaces. In addition to the possibility of using the mentioned accessories, they are also suitable for use, among others, on the beach.
In Milan, we saw a very imaginative and comprehensive approach to design issues. It concerns the interior, the home environment, and even backyard pools.