What equipment is useful for office equipment?

Designing an office space requires more than just proper placement of all the necessary furniture. In order to create complete workstations and functional environments, it is also essential to consider equipment beyond furniture. We always take them into account in our projects - the office aesthetics are consistent, and our clients don't have to worry about additional furnishings separately. In today's post, we will share our thoughts on useful office equipment. Stay tuned for more!
Basic office equipment
At first glance, a workstation may seem to consist only of a desk, chair, and computer. However, other office furniture items are also essential components of a well-equipped office. They enable the storage of documents and necessary items or provide the option to secure personal belongings with a lock. Additionally, every workstation requires adequate lighting. To ensure comfort and high productivity, we also prioritize elements that enhance sound acoustics. Let's not forget about decorations, ornaments, and plants as well.
What do we consider in office space design?
We approach every commercial interior design project comprehensively. It begins with a thorough understanding of the specific company's requirements and its employees. Based on this information, we plan a practical arrangement of the office space. Open-plan offices foster creativity and easy information exchange among teams, while enclosed rooms offer more privacy and the ability to focus better on tasks. Combining both solutions is usually the best approach.
In each of the mentioned cases, we encourage clients to choose high-quality furniture. They guarantee comfort and safety in the workplace. Moreover, their durability over many years makes them a cost-effective solution. To improve working conditions, besides a desk and chair, each employee can expect additional storage space and necessary office accessories. Proper cable organization and the right choice of computer equipment, on the other hand, create a neat work environment.
How to Choose the Right Desk and Chair?
Choosing the right desk and chair for work is usually a significant challenge. In both our office projects and when creating a workspace in a residential project, height-adjustable desks are becoming increasingly common. They allow users to change positions and work while standing. Such an option is appreciated by every user, whether they are an employee or a student. Changing positions positively affects our skeletal system, reduces back and neck pain, and adds energy. Whether we're talking about an electrically adjustable desk or a more standard piece of furniture, its size should be appropriately spacious. A width ranging from 120 to 160 cm and a depth of at least 70 centimeters will provide comfortable working conditions.
When discussing office chairs with our clients, we also have a lot to say. We are very familiar with them, as we have had the opportunity to use every chair or armchair included in our office interior design projects. We prefer comfortable office chairs with multiple adjustment options. This way, they are perfect for employees of different body builds or heights.
Office Equipment and Furnishings That Impact Work Quality
What do companies expect from their employees? Typically, a combination of high productivity and significant creativity is essential. To achieve this, it is worth ensuring employee comfort. Adequate lighting undoubtedly contributes to it. Natural light is the best as it helps regulate the circadian rhythm and is pleasant. Where necessary, we add additional light sources.
In order to enhance focus on work, we also pay attention to proper acoustics. We achieve this through thoughtful office space design. Incorporating acoustic panels and even having plants at workstations yield fantastic results. For maximum silence, it is advisable to take advantage of acoustic booths. These small rooms for 1-4 people allow for concentrated work or confidential phone conversations. We often recommend our clients to choose the appropriate number of office booths for acoustics.
Essential Office Accessories and Storage Space
It's hard to imagine the daily work of an office without photocopy paper, pens, envelopes, or binders. However, it is also necessary to think about providing adequate storage space for office equipment and accessories. A good solution is to have custom-made cabinetry. A large cabinet with a thoughtfully designed interior will provide the ability to store many items. It can also be a great decoration for the office, thanks to its unique style.
In conclusion, by collaborating with Tengo designers, you can expect a comprehensive approach to your office project. We take into account the specific needs of each company. With our years of experience, we can also provide guidance on which office equipment elements are worth paying attention to.