What is a hot desk?

In traditional offices, each employee typically has their own workstation. This allows them to customize it to their needs and feel comfortable. However, this solution has a drawback - the workspace is unused when the employee is not in the office. And this situation is becoming more common, partly due to remote work or hybrid work models. The solution may be equipping the office with hot desks. But what does that actually mean?
Hot desk - what does it mean?
Hot desk is a solution that is increasingly being encountered in office space projects. It involves not assigning specific workstations (desks, chairs, and even computers) to individuals. Hot desks are usually used in larger offices that employ many workers. The benefits of arranging the space in this way are primarily seen by companies that prefer a hybrid work model.
We have noticed a growing popularity of hot desk-type workstations since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, many office spaces remained empty as employees stayed at home for various reasons. Office managers quickly realized that a significant portion of office space was simply not being used. Implementing an innovative solution like hot desks undoubtedly provided many benefits.
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What are the advantages of hot desks?
The first advantage of such office space arrangement is space savings. Companies can move into smaller offices, which brings noticeable cost savings. It is also a good idea to allocate additional space for conference rooms or recreational areas. Working in a hybrid model increasingly means that employees come to the office for meetings or conferences. In such cases, additional meeting spaces (including informal ones) prove to be extremely useful.
Another possibility is simply reducing the number of workstations in a given space. This means more space for each employee, improving work comfort. This directly impacts our productivity and contributes to better company performance. Hot desks are good for the company and for their employees. Everyone will have benefits!
How does a hot desk differ from a regular desk?
The actual equipment of a hot desk may not differ from typical desks assigned to specific employees. You can simply sit at an available desk and use your own laptop. However, it is often worth considering certain useful accessories that facilitate the use of such workstations. Hot desks are often equipped with computer equipment, allowing employees to simply log in to their company network. For better data security, some companies use special keys in the form of an electronic card or a USB flash drive.
To ensure greater functionality of hot desks, it is worth implementing a reservation system for the seats. This way, we can avoid situations where someone coming to work cannot find an available spot. You can connect the hot desk’s reservation system with an online calendar.
Don't forget about the personal belongings of employees
More and more employees bring their personal things to the workplace. These can include documents, computer equipment (such as a laptop, favorite mouse), headphones, clothing, photos, or sometimes just a favorite mug. It's not surprising - in this simple way, we can feel almost at home in the office. Typically, we keep personal items on our own desk or store them in a locker or container. In the case of hot desks, it is therefore important to provide additional storage space. It is good to have a secure storage option for employees' personal belongings. Lockers with key or magnetic card locks are becoming increasingly popular.
Hot desks are one of the innovative ideas for managing a large office. Often, it allows for saving 30% to even 50% of office space. By utilizing this saved space to create additional conference rooms or relaxation areas, you can ensure the well-being of your employees!